Anatoxin Alpha Mod Installer for Minecraft 1.2.5

This mod gives you poison gas grenades. As simple as that, use the gas to kill mobs. The gas will eventually kill anything it get’s in contact with.

This mod is made by Jackfirecracker, all credit to modder. Please visit original thread here for all info.

Installer Requirements:

Windows PC – Currently only for Windows

.NET Framework 4.o (Most PC’s already have, but if it says you don’t then download here.)

Installer Instructions:

(Before installing any Mods to your minecraft make sure to close it first)

First, download one of the installers below(no difference they are same, just packed differently) Once Downloaded, double click the installer, once it’s started click on “Install” When the installer is done it will display a message that it’s done. Now just close installer and start your minecraft. Mod Installed!

– New installer with Backup option. The new installer is much better at backing up/restoring, so don’t worry about incompatibilities as long as you backup.

Please Support the mod by downloading from the original mod thread here. And also read the Skydaz conditions.


Re-install this mod when adding any new mods after this one!

Download Mod from Mod Thread

Download Here .exe

Download Here .zip  

Please create a backup before installing any mods – If you start with clean minecraft and you will not have any issues, if you have other mods installed the results can be unpredictable. I am not responsible for messed up minecraft. You have been informed.