Archer Hero Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

This map is made by AuraCloud, all credit to map maker.

Archer Hero is an adventure/puzzle custom map that focuses on utilising the bow mechanics in Minecraft to overcome a variety of challenges. But that’s not all:

“You must complete many different objectives, fight off hoards monsters, travel to the Nether and save the world!”

There are 3 secret chests hidden around the map. Try and find them all!

Also includes an epic, never seen before boss battle!

Finish the map, and enjoy the special Easter Egg!

“Your father was killed on duty; betrayed by the man he trusted the most.
You promised yourself you would avenge him and find
out the truth behind your father’s death…

You’ve tracked him down to a remote facility, training
the next generation of specialist soldiers. There’s only
one way in… to become an ‘Archer Hero’.”

But there’s also another enemy you must face.
Are you up to the challenge?

1. Play on Normal difficulty.

2. Use the ‘Archer Hero Texture Pack’.

3. Do not destroy or place any blocks.

4. Only paintings may activate wooden pressure plates.

5. Read and follow all the signs.

*Ignore slimes and watch out for creepers*


There is no need for any mods or plugins, just two easy downloads!

Map Download:

Texture Pack Download:

>> Map and Texture Installer (Also download map/texture) <<

Don’t forget to also download the Archer Hero Texture Pack, as it is needed for the map.