ArcticBlock Survival Map for Minecraft

This is a new Survival Map, ArcticBlock Survival, set on a Big Square block of Snow blocks with many hidden survival elements and additions. This map is made by OysterGaming. Please visit the original mod thread located here for more info.

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1. No Cheats or Hacks

2. Survival Only

3. Recommended but not required to Use Short or Normal Fog settings.

4. Be on at least Easy difficulty.


1.Make a Cobblestone Generator.

2.Make a Mushroom Farm.

3.Make a Snow Golem.

4.Make a Nether Portal

5.Get some diamonds!

6.Make a Hat for the Snowman out of Iron Blocks.

7.Make a House at least 8×8

8.Have a Tree Farm

9.Make a Mob Grinder

10.Travel to the HotStar and get atleast 10 glowstone blocks.

11. Travel to the Flat Earth!


If you like the map and want to make a video feel free to do so, and send it to us as well they can put it on the Forum page. Posted Image