Bedrock Survival Map for Minecraft

In this map, the main goal is to get diamonds to get obsidian so that you can complete the nether portal.

You can also use it as a place to build an awesome house.

This map is made by derp777, all credit to to map maker.


  1. You must fix the portal by placing a block of obsidian in the portal, not but placing a lava source in it and then pouring water on that.
  2. You can not make the lava into obsidian to get to the islands.

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  1. Make an infinite water pool
  2. Make a cobblestone generator with the bedrock outline
  3. Make a wooden pickaxe to mine the cobblestone
  4. Find “islands” in the lava lake to get up to diamonds
  5. Make obsidian
  6. Finish the portal
  7. find supplies to create flint and steel
  8. Light it!


Download Map

Download Map Installer (You will also need to download the map to use installer)