Chronotide Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.3.2

This map is made by Vladimyr, all credit to map maker.

A great darkness came to the city of Chronotide and struck at the Chrono Crystal. The energy shockwave shattered the surrounding buildings. The earth split and lava spewed to the surface. It caused chaos and devastation for the inhabitants of the city.
In an act of preservation, the Chrono Crystal was activated, placing the cities inhabitants in temporal stasis so that they exist between time.

Following the success of Wintertide.
I am pleased to announce my latest custom adventure map.

Following in the footsteps of the Eerie setting that was the Wintertide Village, Chronotide can be best described as a thinly veiled CTM based adventure map with more atmosphere than Wintertide ever contained.

The atmosphere of Chronotide is definitely creepy and spooky and without a doubt will have you jumping from your seat from time to time (Although I’ll not guarantee this, but it will really try).

Chronotide also contains more redstone than both Wintertide and Frincklebottom combined so expect lots of effects, contraptions, and wonderous things.

The adventure should take between 2-4 hours to complete and requires Minecraft version 1.3.2

Is Chronotide Scary?

Settings and Rules

It is recommended that you play the map on easy or normal. Some of the atmosphere of the game gets removed on peaceful.

(This map has been biome editted so there are no random mobs – only the mobs I’ve let in, so no creepers at all)
Volume – Set your ‘music’ down low but the ‘sound’ up high. There are a lot of sound effects used in this map and you may not hear them.
Brightness – Set your brightness down low (Having set too high may spoil the mood of the map)

The Volume and Brightness settings may be adjusted accordingly for LP’s Posted Image
Crafting – Crafting is allowed with any resources you might find (Such as in chests).
And of course the standard no breaking or placing blocks with the following exceptions;
Vines – You may break them if they start to get in your way but they are useful for exploring the ruined city
Beds – If you find a bed you may reposition it to a location of your suiting but do not place it in the nether ;p
Torches – Of course you can place/break them ;)

More LP’s / Playthough’s can be found on map makers channel playlist…eature=view_all

Download V1.31 

ZIP Format
Rar Format

This map is released under creative commons license: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Texture Pack used for screenshots and videos

SteelFeathers FeathSong

Installation / How to

Download Map and Texture Installer

(Also download zip version of map to use with Installer)

Original Map Thread

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