Creating & Editing Profiles using the Minecraft launcher

The Minecraft launcher allows you to create and switch between different versions of Minecraft. The Minecraft Launcher allows you to create profiles for different versions, or configurations for Minecraft. It will also let you edit existing ones, and will show the version of Minecraft the profile is linked to.

In the images below we will show you how to create and or edit your Minecraft Profiles. Creating Minecraft Profiles allows you to downgrade minecraft to any version, this will allow for installing mods with the older versions of minecraft.

Default Minecraft launcher, log-in screen.

 Editing Minecraft Profiles Step 1

Selecting the version of Minecraft to be used for this profile.

All the versions of minecraft will be here, even the modder versions.

After selecting the version of minecraft you want to use for the profile click “Save” and you will be ready to play minecraft using that version. Now you can install any mods that are available for that version of minecraft. Simply download any mod installer for the specified version of Minecraft and you are ready to play.