My Game Crashed What do I Do, Please help!? 

Minecraft 1.6+ users:

There are a couple of ways of fixing issues with Minecraft:

If you used one of the installers to install a mod, then it most likely had an option to uninstall a mod. If the last mod you installed caused minecraft to crash then uninstall the last mod you installed.

Sometimes the crash might be related to the world save and not mod conflicts so, if you are able to get to the menu in minecraft and when you click “Single Player” it crashes then try creating a new world.

If the mod was installed and you do not have an uninstall option or just are not sure which mod is causing the issue then you can clear your mods folder of ‘all mods’ and have minecraft back an running.

To do this, use any mod installed. Click on ‘options’ tab then click on ‘clear mods folder’. This will remove all mods in the mods folder and you should have a fresh minecraft.

Some mods are installed into the minecraft.jar to fix these issues you need to delete the version of minecraft it was installed into from your profiles using the minecraft launcher and then delete the actual version from the versions folder located in your .minecraft folder. To get to the .minecraft folder you can use any installer, just click on ‘options’ then click ‘minecraft folder’.

As a last resort you can use our Minecraft Factory Reset tool. This tool will remove everything but your world saves and textures. You just have to run the launcher and you will have a fresh minecraft.

Minecraft < 1.5.2 users:

  1. Any issue in Minecraft can be Fixed no matter what, unless it’s an outdated mod.
  2. Force update your minecraft is the easiest fix of all. Before Logging in to Minecraft just click “Options” then “Force Update” and go back and Log In. That’s all!
  3. Also see the tutorial here on how to make it fully clean. Cleaning / Fixing Minecraft Black Screen

Value Cannot Be Null, Parameter Name: Path?

  1. This error usually means your minecraft is open while installing the mod, this error is most likely on versions of installers for minecraft 1.5.2 and below.
  2. Make sure minecraft is closed when installing the mod. Also if minecraft.jar is open in any program close it before installing the mod.

My Antivirus says it’s a Virus?

  1. That’s a false alert, just because this program isn’t digitally signed the antivirus thinks it’s a virus. This site is scanned daily by search bots like Google and others, they can scan the programs on this site, If there ware any signs that there was any.. this site would have been marked as that by Google and others.
  2. You can use the installer or not it’s up to you. No need for me to create problems to my self and others by doing something stupid like that.
  3. Norton Sucks!

I Installed a mod and my Minecraft Crashed?

  1. Uninstall the mod.
  2. Delete the mod from the mods folder.
  3. Restore minecraft from previous backup…you get this option every time you install any mod from this site.
  4. —- Below are suggestions for minecraft 1.5.2 and below ——-
  5. The only suggestion you will get from me is to Force Update your Minecraft and Re-Install the mod on a clean Minecraft.
  6. I don’t have time to fix every single ID conflict anyone has, I guarantee all my Installers will work on a clean Minecraft and nothing past that!
  7. How to clear Minecraft: Cleaning / Fixing Minecraft Black Screen

Updating Mods?

  1. I do NOT update mods, I only update the installers when the mods get updated by the modders.
  2. If the mod is not updated on their original threads than don’t ask for it to be updated. I will ignore those comments.

When are you going to make an Installer for that mod?

  1. I do not promisse anything, if I said I will or it’s added to the list. Then when I get to it I will there is no deadline to get them out there.
  2. I have a life, so please consider that I have a full time job to do along with the site and I can’t be at two places at once.