Fixing Minecraft Black Screen – How to Clean and Reset Minecraft

Here you can find all the information and tutorials on how to fix issues with minecraft, mods and so on.. I will be adding more content soon, but these instructions and tutorials should be enough to fix any black screen issue.

In this Video Tutorial you will learn how to “Force Update” your Minecraft, and how to “Empty/Clear the mods and config” folders.

Forcing Updates to Minecraft

If you are having issues after a reinstall, or are having other client issues, you can try doing a forced update.

  1. Open the Minecraft client
  2. Click on options (directly above Login)
  3. Click on “Force Update!”
  4. Click on “Done”
  5. Log in to the game, and the client will re-download the game files

Clearing Mods and Config Folders

If you are having issues with mod conflicts there are two options and the easy one is to clear the mods and config and start fresh again.

  1. Open the Minecraft client
  2. Click on options (directly above Login)
  3. Click on blue link right below “Force Update” – (This will open the minecraft folder and you will see the mods and config folders here.)
  4. Click on “mods” (Do the same for “config” folder)
  5. Delete all the files in this folder.

Re-installing Minecraft

One of the common ways to fix an ailing Minecraft installation of various bugs is to simply re-install it. Removing the launcher itself (the file you downloaded) however will not remove Minecraft. The steps below should work for most people.

Important step: Be sure to do a forced update if you still have issues.

Re-installing Minecraft on Windows

  1. Navigate to your Application Data Folder: %AppData%
  2. Double Click the .minecraft folder
  3. Copy out the saves folder to a different location
  4. Go back one directory (to where you can see .minecraft)
  5. Drag the .minecraft folder into the trash
  6. Start the Minecraft.exe file to re-download Minecraft
  7. Close Minecraft when you reach the title screen
  8. Copy the saves folder back into the new .minecraft folder. You can safely overwrite any data that’s currently in this folder

Re-installing Minecraft on Mac OSX

  1. Open a Finder window
  2. Click the Go Menu item and Click Go to Folder
  3. Type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft into the text field and click Go
  4. Drag the saves folder to your desktop
  5. Drag everything else in the minecraft folder to the trash
  6. Drag the saves folder back into the minecraft folder
  7. Close the Finder window and launch the Minecraft App just like you would normally.