Island Survival Challenge for Minecraft 1.2.5

The Island Survival Challenge Map for Minecraft 1.2.5, This map is made by xN4Kx, all credit to him.

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1. Don’t leave the Island. (you may go off the island but not too far)
2. Play on at least Normal difficulty.
3. No hacking.
4. Post pictures of your achievements.
5. Have fun fun fun!


1. Build a three story house/Fort with at least 10+ windows.
2. Build 6 bookcases.
3. Build an automated cactus farm.
4. Build an under ground tree farm.
5. Build an above ground Wheat farm.
6. Build a drowning trap around the skeleton spawner.
7. Build a enchantment room.
8. Build something with redstone.
9. Make 1 Unused diamond block.
10. Build an above ground melon & pumpkin farm.
11. Enchant 4 tools with enchantment 3+ xp per tool.
12. Collect 5 blaze rods.
13. Get to the nether.
14. Collect 5+ nether warts.


Alternate Download Link

Download Map Installer Here  (Also download map to use the installer)