Islands of Peace – Floating Islands Map

You wake up one night and find yourself on a small patch of land. As the sun rises and the fog obscuring your vision clears, you see that you are on one of many floating islands.

Also The islands contain no ores and you start out with a large but limited amount of diamonds,coal,iron,gold and redstone. So use the resources Wisely.

This beautiful map is made by hugothecamp. The Islands of Peace, beautiful adventure map. Now you an Build the Ultimate Miners Retreat on these islands. Download link below!


Lay an Egg!(sucessfully get a chicken from throwing down an egg)
Geronimo!!!!!(easy one, just fall off any island)
Hermit’s Shell(find the secret hermit’s room with the diary and apples in it)
hot,hot,HOT!(find one of the two underground lava lakes, not the surface one)
Cave Explorer!(find the ONLY pre-made cave in the whole of the island complex, and be careful of the letout, you’ll see what i mean…)
Proof in the Pudding!(make a cake and eat it all)
Wheatinator(simply make a wheat farm and get 4 bread from it)
Bridges!(make a bridge made entirely of wooden planks)
2 spoons Honey!(aquire 2 sugar from sugarcane)
Redstone Trumps All!(make a hostile mob killer using redstone and pistons)
Home Sweet Home!(make a house larger than a ghast)
Into the Void…(make a working nether portal)
Well, that’s a wrap!(finnish the level. in other words, complete all acheivements and build a fake airship out of wood and wool and any other material)

The rules are as follows:

  • *NO MODS
  • *no leaving the islands
  • *View distance can be as far as you want



Installation Guide
1.Click the download link.
2.Download file.
3.Open file with Winrar.
4.Put the “world” file in Minecraft saves.
5.Run Minecraft.
For those that don’t know how to get to Minecraft saves.
1.Open start menu on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
2.Type in the search bar %appdata%
3.Open the Minecraft file.
4.Saves should be in the Minecraft file.