Jailbreak Adventure Map

This map is made by xStevens o. Checkout the original mod thread for more info located here..

You wake up in a jail cell (yes very predictable)but you have forgotten everything and you are locked up.
So you escape the jail and then you have to find your way home… But!! your home is FAR away! as you explore the map you meet people that help you find your way home and recover memories.

Map offers about 90 minutes of play time and is co-op playable.
Resized to 72% (was 1023 x 536) – Click image to enlargePosted Image

Posted Image

There are many :Diamond: to find throughout the map. Once you finish the game count up all the :Diamond: you have and put that number on this forums page if you wish.
Alot of combat involved along with parkour, minecarts, boats, and a good storyline.
Playable with Minecraft 1.8.1 and on so far.

Crafting with items found throughout the map is totally allowed.
Don’t destroy any blocks except clay.
Don’t spawn in any items.
Play on normal difficulty.
Lastly read the signs and follow the rules.



Jailbreak Adventure Map v2.0