Levi’s Nightmare Horror Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

You wake up amongst a pile of rubble with no knowledge of your identity.
Written on a nametag on your dirty jacket is: Levi Insecttis.
You are immediately repulsed by a vulgar aroma that surrounds the area.
It turns your stomach.
As you gaze over the land, you see that it is inexplicably pockmarked with blackened “spots.”
Overcome by a sense of fear and anxiety, you head out to find answers.

This map is made by Kmilley, all credit to maker.



-Play on easy, normal or hard.

-No destroying blocks.

-You may craft anything except levers, buttons, pressure plates and redstone torches.

-You may place blocks.

-“Notes” are found throughout the map, find and read them all if you hope to find the answers.

-Use the texture pack available with this download.

-Gold ingots are hidden inside the map. Try and find as many as you can.

They will be your score at the end. Make sure to post your score in the comments!

Total ingots in map: 50

Hint: Traveling at night is dangerous, but you may see things that wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Download 3.2

Map Thread Here

.rar File: http://www.mediafire…5j499w9ory94m22

.zip File: http://www.mediafire…s2k1c6986bkdegx

Texturepack is included in the download.