Map and Texture Pack Installer for Minecraft

The quickest and easiest way to install maps, saves and texture packs.. with a simple drag and drop you will have your map or texture installed, all you need is to download the map or texture pack.

Works with all Minecraft Versions! 

The installer will recognize maps vs textures and install to appropriate folders, the installer requires no other configurations ready to go as soon as downloaded. Just download any map or texture pack and the installer will add to the appropriate minecraft folders.

Please keep in mind only zip files can be used, do not use .rar files they can’t be installed.

How to Install Tutorial


Installer Requirements:

You might have this already installed, if not the program will prompt you to download and install one if it does the download link is here .NET Framework 4.o (Most PC’s already have, but if you don’t then download here.)


Download Installer (exe)

Download Installer(.zip)