Minecraft 1.6.1 Update

The new minecraft update is live! Here are some details on the new update, mods, installers etc..

At the moment we and the modders are waiting for Forge and ModLoader to get fully updated before any mods/installers start updating. For now you can continue using the old launcher and the mods for previous versions of minecraft until there are some mods/standards to modding the new version of minecraft.

The  <= 1.5.2 installers will not work with the new launcher, they will only work with the legacy version of the launcher. All the => 1.6.1+ installers will work with the new launcher but not the old version.

There will be installers for the new version of minecraft, please have patience as we have to wait for the modders to update the mods before making any installers!

Thank you for your patience :D