Minecraft Factory Reset (For New Minecraft Launcher)

This simple tool that allows you to start fresh, if you have had some issues with minecraft, mods, versions or profiles. Then this tool will clear all the settings for you. After using this tool all you have to do is run minecraft launcher log in and play. After the reset the minecraft launcher will load the latest version of minecraft.

Here are some of the functions of this tool:

  • This tool will delete all mods in the .minecraft folder.
  • This tool will delete all coremods in the .minecraft folder.
  • This tool will delete all versions in the .minecraft folder, all releases and modified ones.
  • This tool will delete all profiles in the minecraft launcher.

Here are some of the things this tool will NOT do:

  • This tool will NOT delete any worlds/saves
  • This tool will NOT delete any resources or Texturepacks

Before using this tool:

The reset will not work if you are not able to log into minecraft! You have to be able to log in so the minecraft launcher can load the new minecraft files. If you can’t, then don’t use this tool!

If you don’t have the new minecraft launcher, you can download it here: http://minecraft.net/download


Please read the whole post before using this tool. I mean it!

Download Here .zip (MD5: 2a6e4879c7212d14d9ac6327b1b422cf) [drct]

Download Here .exe (MD5: 0ca11fd4e5d8f18c1830e59dfb9670e2) [drct]

Use this tool ‘at your own risk’ I assume you have read all the instructions and functions of this ‘Factory Reset Tool’. Stay safe and make a backup of minecraft if you do not understand what files are being delete by this tool.