Minecraft Reset Tool – Full Minecraft Reset

This tool will reset your minecraft back to the original settings, it won’t delete your saves or textures. There is also an option to fully reset minecraft including deleting the saves, textures etc…

Minecraft Restore Tool, reset your minecraft back to factory settings

Minecraft Reset

There are two options with minecraft reset.

  • Remove All Mods –¬† This option deletes the main minecraft.jar and the mods folder leaving all of your saves,textures statistics and user details. This option is the best and will fix most all black screens and loading issues.
  • Reset Minecraft – This option will delete all minecraft related files, this includes Saves, Textures, Stats etc.. this option is only used if the above option doesn’t work or you don’t care about the saves or textures you have. This option meas you’re ready to start over fully with minecraft.

This tool can be useful for some, if you don’t know how to do it manually you can use this tool.. If you want to manage the process please do it yourself manually.

Currently only works with windows PC.


Download Minecraft Reset Tool