QuestWorld – Shipwrecked Adventure Map

You’re shipwrecked, there is no way you can get home. You have to stay where you are and help people with their problems. By completing quests you get access to new cities, more quests and better rewards. Did you live well? Only then you may go to heaven! (There you will find the ending)

The map is based on a unique quest system, which uses only redstone wiring. No mods or texture packs are needed. We did not use any world editors or in-game editors during the building process, except for the basic server commands.

[note color=”#F9FAD9″]Credit: This map is made by smenx and ssanko. You can find the original map thread here.[/note]

#1 You may not destroy blocks, except for dirt. :soil:
#2 You may only place & break: torches, redstone torches, signs, cake and paintings. You’re not allowed to place: redstone torches in front of doors, water, lava and dirt except if said otherwise. (replacing dirt if stuck is also allowed)
#3 Play on peaceful (recommended). You may play on easy or normal, but make sure no creepers blow up! :SSSS:
#4 Stay within the boundaries marked by snow pillars.

So in short: You can do what ever you want, you’re only limited in placing and destroying blocks/items! If you think something is cheating, then don’t do it ;)

During your journey you will find diamonds, each diamond counts for 1 point. Please tell us in a post what you score is! :Diamond: (Things made out of diamond don’t count, also don’t mine diamonds) The total amount of diamonds you can find is about 119!

This is where you can find them:
– 15 (15) ((11)) in Lobster village
– 19 (16) ((16)) in Camel Town
– 28 (28) ((26)) in Twiggle Town
– 48 (48) ((45)) in Valdrey City
– 9 (9) ((9)) in heaven
Total: 119 (116) ((107)) :Diamond:!
In version 1.5 – (In version 1.4) – ((In version 1.3))

More on this map – Checkout the Original Map Thread Located Here.

[spoiler title=”How to Install:”]

How to install:
Zip file: (For users with Winrar or 7 zip)
(To play the map please extract the “.zip” file with a program like winrar, then
place that in your “saves” folder (found in “Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft”))

Exe file: (For users without Winrar or if you aren’t sure)
(To play the map please double click the “.exe” file, then place that in
your “saves” folder (found in “Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft”))[/spoiler]

[box title=”Downloads” dark=”1″ color=”#AABBBF”]

Main download (version 1.5): Download .zip (For users with Winrar or 7 zip)
Mirror (version 1.4): Download .exe (For users without Winrar or if you aren’t sure)  [/box]