Restore the Island and Survive Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

You start with some grass blocks and saplings… Turn the floating island from barren to beautiful!
This is a map I whipped together, still in fairly early stages.

Exploring the island (small amount of digging in mountain) will lead to finding villager eggs. You must build a village and populate it (see villager breeding here: http://www.minecraft…./wiki/Villager )

All the Villagers must have specific jobs, they don’t have to be the normal ones minecraft villages have, though. You can make one the Bunny slayerPosted Image  if you wish. They should also have the necessary materials. (chest, crafting table, etc.) for their specified job.

There are no ores on this island… But search and you shall find the materials you need.(In the secret room)

Oh, I forgot to mention, you need to survive too =P

This map is made by Though_tiny_Bunn, all credit to maker.




Build yourself a shelter
Make a farm for wheat
Find the easy hidden room
Find the hard hidden room
Make an Iron Golem to protect you villagers
Make a forest for your villagers to play in
Breed animals from the spawn eggs
Make a meadow (with tall grass)
<Build a small village, with 10 villagers
Expand the village to 50+ villagers

Touch the cloudsPosted Image


V_0.4 mediafire (.rar) 

Alternate Link (zip)
use zip with (map installer here)