Ruins of the Dead Survival Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

Ruins of the Dead is a map in which you Survive Waves of the un-dead. It is set in an ancient ruined underground temple with a terrifying history. An army of zombies has been forming under there and your goal is to stop them.

The army come in waves. There are 16 waves. On the way you can get new weapons, armour, upgrades more! You can set traps for the zombies, find the hidden chests around the map, look for secret areas and find hidden rooms!

Once you have finished round 16 you will have to go and fight the Zombie King, The creator of all Zombies. Only once you have done that will the world be in peace again!

You may die doing this, So make sure your up for the Challenge before you begin!

This map is made by iKryptic, all credit to maker.

There has never usually been a problem with Zombies on minecraft, they spawn in small numbers, they are  weak and easy to kill.

That was until now…

Underground an army has been forming. For years, the God of all Zombies has been spawning a horde of rotten, hell ridden zombies. It is said that they started from the very beginning, ever since notch coded the very basics of minecraft. They have been slowly, quietly infesting the underground of minecraft, waiting, for the right moment to attack and unleash their almighty army upon the world!

This is where you come in… You were spawned on this world for a purpose. You are one of the Chosen ones. Your goal is to make your way to the temple where it all began, the homeland of all zombies. And kill the beast that lies within. You must slaughter you way through his army then kill him! You can choose to do this alone or bring along other willing zombie slayers. The choice is yours, but dont expect this to be easy…


Click Here to Download v2.0 (Latest Version) [MC 1.2.5]