Shipwrecked Survival Map

Here is yet another survival map, just in case you don’t like to float in the air here is a nice island map to show of your minecrafter skills. This map is made by DeMuis and the original thread can be found here.


Your ship sunk and your stuck on an island while you try to survive

1. do not go away from the island
2. you are allowed to extend the island
3. No hacks mods INVedit flying
4: Have fun

Complete all challenges as fast as possible

1: Make a Furnace
2: Make a House with 2 floors and 20+ windows
3: Make a Wheat farm
4: Make a Melon farm
5: Make a sugar farm
6: Make a small library with 15 bookcases
7: Catch 10 fish
8: Make a bed
9: Make 5 green wool
10: Make 20 bread
11: Collect an Enderpearl
12: Make a Workbench
13: Make 20+ torches
14: Make 1 TNT
15: Make an animal farm
16: Build a little fountain
17: Make 3 normal pistons
18: Make a full stack of the new Stone brick
19: Full leather armor
20: iron tools

1.9 PRE-Release Xtra:

BONUS 1: Make a pumpkin farm
BONUS 2: Make a Snow goblem army with atleast 20 Snowgoblems
BONUS 3: Make 5 Jack ‘o’ lanterns


How To Install A Minecraft Save File On Windows and Mac

If you’re on Windows, you’ll need to open up the Minecraft appdata file. This can be easily done by opening up the command line, accessible by Windows+R and then typing %appdata% into the command line. This opens up your appdata file, and minecraft will be in there, labeled .minecraft.

As soon as you open the .minecraft file, you should be able to see a folder labeled ‘Saves’, open this up and you’ll see your saves neatly labeled ‘World1’ ‘World2’ and so on and so on. You can put as many saves as you want in this directory, but Minecraft will only acknowledge worlds 1-5. You can easily switch which worlds are available in game by changing the labels on the folder.

If you’re on a Mac, your save files are located here: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/


(Note the link is of the original map maker(DeMuis) not of skydaz) Original Map Thread Here
Download Map Here