SkyMod Disabler for Minecraft – Disable / Enable Mods

Here is a tool I worked on for the last day or so.. This tool will disable/enable mods.  Now you can disable mods without having to force update minecraft and removing all mods, this will fix most black screens without force update. This tool is in beta at the moment so please report any bugs.

This tool will scan your minecraft.jar and the mods folders for mods, and give you an option to disable and/or enable a mod.

This is a BETA version of this tool, if there are any issues please report in comments.



  • This tool will disable any mods installed in minecraft.jar or in the mods folder.
  • This tool cannot delete or destroy any mod files.
  • This tool does not uninstall files it simply makes them unseen by ModLoader  by changing their naming structure.
  • This tool cannot disable mods that edit core minecraft files.
  • This tool cannot disable mods that do not use ModLoader or Forge.
  • This tool requires .net framework 4.0, if you don’t have it installed the program will prompt you for download.
  • This Tool also uses a zip library, if you have any errors regarding “ICSharpZipLib” then download zip version of installer and run the installer from folder in zip.
  • Windows PC, this tool will not work on Mac or Linux
Change Log:
  • Released Beta R1 (5/31/2012)


Download Version R1 (exe)

Download Version R1 (zip)

This is a beta version of this too, this tool has not been tested on all systems. If there are any issues please report in comments below.