Sphere Survival Map for Minecraft 1.2.5

The Sphere Survival Map is a huge floating island, it has access to the Nether and The End this map also has caves with treasures.

This map is made by maciekg333, all credit to maker. Please visit original thread here for all info.


There are only two rules: Do not make bridge to the main map, outside the void and never play on Peaceful


1) Craft a bed
2) Get logs from all four types of trees
3) Collect 64 pumpkins.
4) Collect 64 bones.
5) Build portal to the Nether
6) Find 2 Monster Spawners
7) Build  nice house with fireplace
8) Make Potion of Healing
9) Collect 16 eggs
10) Craft Enchantment Table
11) Collect 64 Red Mushrooms
12) Craft Compass and Clock
13) Collect 64 blocks of Blue Wool
14) Craft 5 blocks of Diamond
15) Craft 10 blocks of Gold
16) Craft 16 blocks of Lapis
17) Make Potion of Regeneration
18) Craft 9 Brick Slabs
19) Craft complete Leather Armor
20) Build mechanism using Redstone Dust & Pistons or Dispensers
21) Craft 3 TNT blocks and explode it Posted Image
22) Catch and cook 10 fish
23) Craft 32 Fire Charges and launch it using Dispenser
25) Collect 64 Arrows and Bow
26) Make 10 snowmen
27) Get pickaxe with Silk Touch and collect 16 redstone ores.
28) Collect 64 Melon Blocks
29) Make Potion of Fire Resistance
30) Get Enderdragon Egg


DOWNLOAD MAP INSTALLER (Also download map)