Survival Bubble – A New Challenge Map!

You are placed in an underwater bubble and given all the resources you should need to survive. How you decide to use the resources will determine weather or not you are able to survive in the bubble. There’s no cheating in this game, you are only done with the challenge once you have completed the objectives below. Try out your Minecrafter Skills, make a video or take some pics of what you came up with in the Underwater Bubble Challenge!


  • Make a Cobblestone generator.
  • Craft a workbench and furnace.
  • Make an iron pickaxe.
  • Build a two room house.
  • Add windows to your bedroom.
  • Build a farm.
  • Have at lease 5 of each crop growing at once.
  • Make a diamond pickaxe.
  • Make 2 buckets.
  • Make a cake.


  • Don’t leave the bubble.
  • All blocks inside the bubble can be destroyed.
  • Once you make a cake, the map is complete.
  • Never spawn in mobs/items to help your survival.

Head over to nmc94’s thread for the dowload.

Download The Map Here