Survival Lava Islands Map for Minecraft

A survival island challenge with bonus lava, Survival Lava Islands sets you out on a journey through a massive archipelago of islands in a sea of lava. This map deserves the title ‘epic’, it is both very large and very deep and I’m betting that you’ll taste the bitterness of defeat many, many times over before you make this chain of hellish islands your own.

This map is made by Kozoi, all credit to maker.

To give you a taste of what you’re in for, this Minecraft Survival Map doesn’t even have the decency to spawn on you on one of the islands. Instead you spawn in the middle of the lava ocean atop a platform of glass and stone. You are given some assistance on your journey however, a chest at the spawn point contains the following materials:

16 blocks of wood.

8 blocks of dirt.

32 blocks of stone.

8 saplings.

Your first destination is immediately laid out before you. Known only as ‘that’ island, a promising land mass rises in the distance. It is rather tall and jagged, but compared to the stone and glass platform you’re floating on at the beginning of your quest for survival, it looks like paradise.

The 32 blocks of stone alone are not quite enough to get you over to the island, but with the creative use of both stone and wood planks, you can probably make it. There is the concern that your bridge might catch fire and plunge you into the lava before you do, but hey, we’ve all got problems, haven’t we?

Survival Lava Islands departs from other survival maps, which are difficult to survive because of scarcity of resources and makes the challenge of survival down to three main factors:

  • Not falling into lava
  • Not falling off a cliff
  • Surviving the hordes of undead that come out every night and quite often during the day too. The map has been designed to be void of monster spawning dead zones, so you can expect to spend a decent amount of time panicking as you run around little islands precariously perched high above seas of lava.
  • The weather. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but it snowed, rained and thundered the entire time I was checking this map out. Some weather is nice. Constant weather is not.

This is not a map that wastes time coddling the player, and experienced survival island players will probably enjoy it immensely, not just becayse of the added challenge of all that lava, but also because it is quite a large map with quite a lot of area to explore. There are at least six islands to explore, some (much) more remote than others, and because of the lava and the absence of iron boats, it’s going to take you some time to build your way across to all of them and explore their treasures and horrors.



  • Build a base in the Mountain Biome.
  • Locate and explore the hidden Dungeon in the Mountain Biome.
  • Make a Wheat Farm.
  • Make a Reed Farm.
  • Craft a full stack of Bookshelves.
  • Grow a Giant Red Mushroom.
  • Grow a Giant Brown Mushroom.
  • Explore all three of the Floating Islands.
  • Build a base on one of the Floating Islands.
  • Create a Melon Farm.
  • Locate and explore the hidden Stronghold in the Desert Biome.
  • Build a Glass base underneath the Lava.
  • Acquire a full stack of Gold Ingots.
  • Make a Cacti Farm.
  • Build a base in the Tundra Biome.
  • Locate and explore the Abandoned Mines.
  • Build a tree-house in the Rain-forest Biome.
  • Locate and explore the cavern of the Rain-forest Biome.
  • Build a base in the Nether Biome.
  • Destroy all of the Ghast Spawners in the Nether Biome.
  • Acquire a full stack of Iron Ingots.
  • Acquire a full stack of Diamonds.
  • Bake a Cake.
  • Fill an entire Double Chest with Food.
  • Make a Cobblestone generator.
  • Make your Cacti Farm fully automatic.
  • Conquer and secure the Nether Castle.
  • Make a Mob Trap which can kill Spiders, as well as Zombies without destroying any drops.
  • Use the riddle to locate the Labyrinth.
  • Locate the Creeper monument.
  • Locate the underground Biodome.
  • Defeat the Lava jump course without placing or destroying any blocks.
  • Establish a large base with at-least four floors, a stable food supply and an unlimited water spring.
  • Build a viewing platform with Coal, Iron, Gold and Diamond Ore Blocks.
  • Build a viewing platform with Iron, Gold and Diamond Refined Blocks.
  • Locate the hidden mansion…¬†Professional.


Download Survival Lava Islands Version 3.0

Download Survival Lava Islands Version 3.5

Download Survival Lava Islands Version 4.0

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