The Jumper Survival Map for Minecraft 1.3.2

This map is a deadly game of choice that will test your survival and fighting skills along with your judgement making. You, the player, are faced with a series of islands, each one is progressively harder than the last, and must find and use enderpearl to get to the next island. Once you find the enderpearl though is when it becomes difficult because you have one of either two choices.

  • Teleport and continue to the next island or…
  • Teleport to the bedrock platform to face the enderdragon with only what you have…

The map is purely survival but offers a difficult test. The outcome will be either one of three things

  • You pick the right moment to drawback from the islands and defeat the Enderdragon.
  • You go too far along the chain of islands and die before you reach the End.
  • You go to face the Enderdragon too early and die with not enough provisions

How it works

  • You begin with an enderpearl.
  • You must throw the enderpearl at the next island.
  • Once you land on the next island you must find the next pearl and choose whether to continue or face the dragon as you are.
This map is made by GreenGorilla8, all credit to map maker.

How to win:

To win this game you must beat the enderdragon but it’s not that easy; you must choose wisely on when to face it. Note that this map is fairly difficult to begin, being on hardcore mode. All mobs will hit harder and it is crucial to be well prepared for each island.

I have also organised a points system if you want to challenge your friends; it follows

  • There are 11 different islands altogether
  • Each island you teleport to adds one point to your score. E.g if you make it to island 8 then you earn 8 points, but your points may be halved if you die (read below)
  • If you die in the normal world you must half your points. E.g if you make it to island 5 and fall off then your score would be 2.5, then round it to the highest number, in this case 3.
  • If you beat the Enderdragon add 4 points to your total
  • If you are defeat by the Enderdragon you don’t add any points to your total
  • You can earn a maximum score out of 15


Download here -> The jumper

 Map Installer Download (Download map also)