EnderIO Mod Installer for Minecraft 1.7.10 _ Updated!

Ender IO is a mod developed by CrazyPants which adds compact liquid conduits, energy conduits and redstone conduits, power generation, machinery, remote area access (enderIO), transceivers and more.

EnderIO Wiki can be found here. Visit the original mod thread site here for additional info.

Internet Explorer users:

When downloading the .exe version of the installer, save the installer to a location like desktop, then run it. Do not run it straight from the browser, if you do you might get the “Skydaz Addons has stopped working”.

Mod Version: v2.3.0.415_beta for Minecraft 1.7.10

Mod Prerequisite: Forge

Mod Uninstall Option: Yes

Default Mod Profile: Forge

This mod uses Forge. The default setting will install mod and if not present, Forge to Forge profile. If you want the mod installed to another profile select the version using the installer and then install.


Download Mod from Original Thread

Download Here .zip (MD5: bf4a45479b73326808c29499379f8963) [drct]

Download Here .exe (MD5: 816e832ee6439c9242ce3f0a8ff58c23) [drct]


– Added EnderRail
– Added Dark Steel Anvil (tterrag)
– #1145 Added RedNet support to insulated redstone conduits (fnuecke)
– #1133 Update zh_CN.lang (Mrkwtkr)
– #1138 Created cs_CZ.lang (nalimleinad)
– #1156 Updated CoFH API

– Fixed Transceivers losing items when single player worlds reloaded without restarting MC
– More than one stack of quartz can now be placed in alloy smelter when making fused quartz
– #1150 Crash when Farming Station Error trying to plant Pam’s Mob Seeds (nb, they don’t work, but it wont crash)
– #1152 Fluids blocks missing names
– #1153 Item conduits crash with invalid item stacks (one without an item assigned)
– #1159 Painter allows you to paint glowstone with a painted block causing crash

All installers require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to work. Most PC’s already come with it installed.
If you get an error when starting installer then download the framework from here: NET 4.0

1. Download a mod installer for the mod that you would like to install.

Make sure that the mod is for the version of Minecraft you want to use. If the mod is for Minecraft 1.7.10 then all other subsequent mods should all be for the same version of Minecraft. Mixing different versions of Minecraft mods will usually cause conflicts/crashes. Most always the crashes are caused by conflicting mods. Some mods cannot be installed at the same time. The crash log usually tells us what mods are conflicting etc..

2. Run the downloaded installer and click on “Options” tab. Then click “Clear Mods” and “Clear Config”.

This should only be done once per version or if you have a crash that you do not know how to fix! This will remove any old mods and outdated files, this way they do not cause the new mods to crash. This should be done every time you want to switch the version of Minecraft. Say, if Minecraft updates to 1.9 version and new mods come out for that version then you would have to remove the old mods and config files in order to add the new mods.

3. Now go back to the “Install” tab and click “Install Mod”.

This will install the mod and also create the “Profile” where the mod will be installed. If the mod uses the Forge loader then usually the profile will be called “Forge” and so on. The installer shows what profile it is installing the mod to.

4. Play Minecraft. Make sure you use the profile “Forge” to play.

If the profile is not setup then you can follow these instructions on setting up the profile. Make sure to use the profile the mod is installed to, otherwise the mod will not work!

Installing mods is simple using the installers.

Simply download either the .exe or .zip version of the installer from the “Downloads” section. (Both are same, you just have to extract .exe file from zip folder and sometimes zip works without any issues)

After downloading the installer, run it and click “Install Mod”. That’s it!

Your mod is now installed and ready to use. Please refer to the “Installer Instructions” page should you need more information or if you have issues installing the mod.