Hero’s Quest II -The Temple of the Sky

The Hero’s Quest II -The Temple of the Sky Map is made by ColdFusionGaming on the minecraft forum. This map was designed for your enjoyment.

Hero’s Quest II is fairly linear, but exploration is encouraged. There are hidden treasures and secrets riddled about, be sure to look for them! This map is also full of adventure. Fight through epic battles and perplexing puzzles to find the greatest treasure in history: the treasure within the temple of the sky!

Map Features

-A semi-linear structure which encourages exploration!
-Amazing architecture and piston creations!
-Many hidden chests with gold and loot that will help you during your quest!
-Don’t sit there wasting time reading a note, listen to helpful audio files!
-Background music which greatly improves the atmosphere of the game!
-A very nice checkpoint system that can get you back in the game within minutes!
-A lot of Minecraft 1.8 elements which greatly improve the flow of the game!
-A great storyline with a rather odd professor!
-Fun achievements to put in your signature!


Download and More info available here.