Metallurgy Mod Installer for Minecraft 1.1

Metallurgy is a comprehensive restructuring of Minecraft’s tier system for ore and stone. Basically it implements a large array of new ores (Copper, Tin, Bronze, Manganese, Steel, Mithril, Orichalcum, and Adamantine) and tweaks the old gameplay to try to make the game less about “digging as deep as you can to the bottom of the world as soon as you get stone tools”.

Metallurgy, a Minecraft Expansion
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[note color=”#FAFAAF”]This mod is made by Shadowclaimer. Please Support the mod and download the mod from the original mod thread located here.[/note]


  • All Ore Blocks are now called “Veins”, these Veins drop Ore (an item) which is then processed at a crafting bench into Dust. Dust is smelted into bars, or mixed with other dust to make Alloys.
  • Ore spawning has been overhauled, instead of the old system of dozens of smaller veins, there are now fewer, larger veins. These veins can spawn at any height, so you need to explore your world to find them!
  • Wood and Stone Tools have received new artwork!
  • Diamond, Gold, Redstone, Coal, and Lapus Lazuli spawns were NOT modified by these changes, they will remain in their old statistics. Although Diamond’s durability was drastically lowered to bring it more in line with the other tools.
  • Many new metals now grace the landscape of Minecraft, you can read more about them later in the post!

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  • Posted ImageCopper – Earliest tier available, pretty commonly found throughout the landscape, used to make decent tools or can be combined with Tin to make Bronze.
  • Posted ImageTin – An additive ore that when mixed with Copper Dust at a workbench can make Bronze.
  • Posted ImageBronze – Pre-Iron material made from Copper and Tin.
  • Posted ImageManganese – When mixed with Iron is used to make Steel
  • Posted ImageSteel – Post-Iron material made from Iron and Manganese.
  • Posted ImageMithril – Late game metal with much better durability/speed than Iron
  • Posted ImageOrichalcum – Late game metal, much rarer than the rest and in smaller quantities
  • Posted ImageAdamantine – Good luck finding it.
  • Posted ImageZinc – Component of Brass, pretty commonly found.
  • Posted ImageBrass – Made from mixing Copper and Zinc, can be used to make Brass Coins.
  • Posted ImageSilver – Precious metal, can be used to make Silver Coins.
  • Posted ImageGold – Tweaked the Gold Spawn to use my system, used to make Gold Coins.
  • Posted ImagePlatinum – The rarest precious metal, used to make Platinum Coins.


1) Find a Vein (Ore Block) and mine it
2) Collect the Ore that drops from it
3) Place Ore in a Workbench to create Dust (or if you’re reversing a bar, place a bar into the workbench)
3a) If you are making an alloy, mix the dusts to make it (Tin + Copper = Bronze, Iron + Manganese = Steel)
4) Smelt the Dust into Bars
5) Make the bars into whatever you wish

For Coins:
1) Smelt a Brass/Silver/Gold/Platinum Bar in a furnace to produce a “Stack of x Coins”.
2) Crafting a “Stack of x Coins” will create 9 “x Coins” (and reversible)
3) Crafting 9 Stacks together will make a “Bag of x Coins” (and reversible)
4) Smelting a “Stack of x Coins” will recreate the old bar

Installer Requirements:

You might have this already installed, if not the program will prompt you to download and install one if it does the download link is here .NET Framework 4.o (Most PC’s already have, but if you don’t then download here.)

This installer is currently only for pc computers.

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