Myrneth – An Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.7.2

Myrneth is an Adventure map with puzzle elements, exploration, combat and some jumping as primary elements. Myrneth is designed as a semi-open-world kind of map; it’s not very large and it has a linear storyline, but the player is, unlike Off Guard, not forced through a series of enclosed spaces, the area of the map includes a few farms, a small town and a large castle.

This map is made by Spec_Operator, all credit to maker. Visit the original map thread here for all info.

What is the estimated playing time for Myrneth?
Depends very much on playstyle. A speedrun can take less than 30 minutes, a very quick normal playthrough may take 1 or 2 hours, a slow playthrough perhaps 3 hours or more. A very slow player or someone who’d like to roleplay his own character and do things that are not required, or an explorer who wants 100% completion might take up to 10 hours, about 5 hours was the longest time in beta tests, average was around 2-3.

What are the typical gameplay elements?
There are basically three acts to the game. The first act begins with a tutorial and an introduction to the story and ends with your character leaving his home and exploring the surroundings, reaching the town of Hirthwood. This is mainly about exposition and getting to know the features.The second acts begins in the town of Hirthwood and is centered on puzzles, usually about finding keys for doors and reading notes to understand what is going on.The third act takes place in a castle and contains more combat focussed gameplay, jumping puzzles and the conclusion of the story arc.The puzzles are generally managable, but might require some creative thinking. Every unique gameplay concept is explained in great depth in the Tutorial section and it is highly suggested to read the tutorial books carefully and try out everything to be sure that things work.

How many players does the map support?
A mere single player. It is impossible to play the map with more than one player, so please do not try.Make sure that command blocks can work if you are for some reason hosting a server for yourself. Villagers must also be enabled. All details are explained (and the basic functionality tested) in the tutorial.

USE NO CHEATS! USE NO CONSOLE COMMANDS! THIS MAY BREAK THE MAP!VERY IMPORTANT: SLEEP IN BEDS! If it’s daylight, move on, do your stuff, come back and sleep eventually. You don’t have to sleep in every single bed. But it is generally a bad idea to not save in a very long time, because that means having to repeat looooong walks.


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Download Map Installer (Download map to use with installer)