Skydaz Prep Tool – Clear all mods and mod settings!

This is a quick release due to some people having issues with the mods/installers. If you are having issues installing 1.4.2 mods then run this tool. This tool scans the minecraft folder for any mods, mod files and mods config files. This tool will clear all mod files from minecraft it will not delete any world saves. It will also delete the minecraft.jar which once logged in will get re-downloaded and you will have a fresh minecraft.

This tool will also download the pre-requisite needed for the installers such as Forge/FML, it will be downloaded only if one is need and or if it does not match the file download size/hash.

It will remove all texture packs also, please back those up manually…


Skydaz Prep Fix Tool (Beta 1) . zip

Skydaz Prep Fix Tool (Beta 1) .exe