Toy Story 2 Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.6+

Toy Story 2 Map 1.6.2 is a map of adventures created at 1:1 scale and set in Andy’s house. Starts at Andy’s room where you’ll find information of what you should do to complete the map. On your way, you’ll visit different areas of the house to complete the map: from Andy’s room to Andy’s kitchen, basement, garage and more.

This map was created by PitchBlackPL, all credits to the maker. Visit the original map thread here for more info..

All the instructions are on the signs inside the game.

If playing on SMP ensure enable-command-block is set to true in the file!

Download links are of the maker not Skydaz. Download the map installer below for quick map installs.



Map Installer (Also download map above)